Getting this notice on your Smartphone


of what 

Card You Use!


Rethink Rewards


It's Time to

Be Honored

Earn the Cash Flow Rewards you deserve .....

by connecting with your network of peers and clients.....

from the Merchants who want to honor your relationship..


Be Glad

More of what you want, and

Less of what you don't want...


Earn Multiplied Rewards that can add up to hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars based on the qualified spending of your Earning Social Universe. This is IN ADDITION TO the rewards you earn on your other favorite rewards card.

Be Fast

Save time......Shop online through Earning Social....PLUS earn CASH FLOW REWARDS based on the spending of your entire Earning Social Universe.

As a QuantumCash Member, you have access to your own Earning Social Shopping Portal, with great deals from over 1,700 participating Merchants. Plus the ability to earn Cash Flow Rewards on your entire Earning Social Universe.

Be Surprised

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Be Smart

Plain and simple....It pays to belong to QuantumCash and Earning Social. If you don't, you are losing out.

Make your online shopping work for you by starting you own Earning Social Universe.

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Where the Money Comes From

Be Present

When you join QuantumCash and Earning Social, you will be proud to tell your colleagues.

Your presence as a respected member demonstrates your business savvy.

Be Pleased

When you get our message....You've Got Cash! WILL be Pleased.

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Be Helpful

The cool thing about QuantumCash and Earning Social is that while we focus on you......

........we know that you may want to help others. That's why we created QuantumCash and Earning Social to begin with.... to help you to help others.

Be Generous

QuantumCash and Earning Social is the ultimate "good news financial package" to share with others. When you do, you'll be proud...and your friends will be thankful.


The Card that Catches the Cash

We load your Cash Flow Rewards onto your QuantumCash MasterCard Debit Card.

You see your Cash Flow Rewards

appear on your smart phone.

QuantumCash and Earning Social at at your service.

The combined power of these two concepts makes for an enjoyable and rewarding experience. As our companies grow, we hope to grow with you, and continue to earn your loyalty.

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